Life, Faux Riehl(a series of mildly encouraging blog entries)


Hasselblad - 80 - Provia

I recently had the pleasure of joining Bonheur Prints in their launch earlier this month. You can find a few of my pieces with them as well as many other greater photographers who deserve a look. I’ll post a few more in between the usual posts as I help promote what I think is a pretty solidly curated print service.

North by Northwest(I, II, III), Damian Riehl

Hasselblad - 80 - Fuji Provia 100F


The first two prints from my class at Newspace.

Things to remember in the darkroom #1: Don’t put the negatives in upside down.

Normally, reposts are saved for my side blog, but I’m stoked my old roommate and good friend is doing this. This is my goal this spring.

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