photo telegram


Full analog goodness, straight into your mailbox.

For $20, once per month for an entire year I’ll head to the B&W darkroom and print you a postcard, write something to make your mom, lover(but not both) and/or mail carrier jealous–and send it off to brighten a corner of your refrigerator. 

Shit is Riehl: Annual Shit List(Version B), Damian Riehl

Link to Version A

So another year swings by. I joined Instagram and ditched Facebook. I said goodbye to some best friends and made new ones. I’m plotting new career paths. For the first time in a couple years I decided to hang a show, and then another, and another, and another. Life is good, and I suppose if I can’t say that I must be doing it wrong. So here’s to another year of shooting and some self inspiration for me to get to all the film I’ve been letting pile up over the summer. 

This is one of at least two top ten lists. Just like picking who my best friends are,  what I feel like listening to or wearing, I may feel differently about it next week. 

All via my Flickr

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