Fiorelli Coppi Pista

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-Excerpt from Daily Peloton, 


"…Fausto turned a pro in the late 30s with the Legnano team, as a (not so loyal) domestique of future archrival Bartali, well-known winner of the 1936 and 1937 Giros. It didn’t take long for the future “Campionissimo” to show off all of his skills and be appointed team leader, but nonetheless in 1941 he moved to Bianchi, the squad he will be riding for until 1956. Then, at the age of 37, the man set up a team of his own, the Carpano-Coppi squad, sponsored by a famous beverage firm, and riding bikes bearing Fausto Coppi’s name, produced by Novi Ligure-based Fratelli Fiorelli (Fiorelli Brothers: namely Rinaldo, Mario and Lino) firm.

The piedmontese town of Novi Ligure was a kind of “cycling capital” in that period. Besides a good number of excellent riders, wishing to follow the example of Coppi (and before him another character from Novi, Costante Girardengo, a star of the 20s and 30s whose accomplishments were a source of inspiration to Fausto himself), there was also several bike producing firms, often managed by single families. Along with the Fiorelli brothers, we can mention the Santamarias (Giuseppe e Mario), who kept producing the ”Biciclette Bartali” in 1948, after “Gino il Pio” stopped riding Legnanos and promoted bikes bearing his own name. Along with Gino, also the likes of Corrieri e Kubler raced with the Santamaria-Bartali outfit.

Before Coppi & Bartali, even Costante Girardengo, after he pulled out from cycling, had started funding the production of his own bike firm. And quite paradoxically, it was Girardengo’s firm to build many of the bikes the greatest sprinter ever (perhaps along with Mario Cipollini), Belgium’s Rik Van Steenbergen, rode to defeat Fausto Coppi many a time.

But glory and success come and go in every field, business included, and nowadays as much as Piedmont hasn’t got any real star in the pro peloton, whereas the current big names of Italian scene are mostly from Tuscany, Veneto and part of Lombardia, also its bike-producing tradition has got lost. Both the Girardengo (just a few days ago) and Santamaria firms went bankrupt. As for Fiorelli, the firm was completely taken over in the early 90s by the Fratelli Masciaghi manufacturers, whose main goal was to own the Fausto Coppi’s trademark. So the Fausto Coppi bikes are still produced by the Masciaghi firm, although no longer in Novi Ligure, but in the Brianza area of Lombardia.” 


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